30.     Records to be maintained by TOT dealer.

          1)      Every dealer registered under sub-sections (7) or (8) of Section 17  shall keep and maintain a true and correct account in any of the languages specified in the Eighth Schedule to the Constitution or in the English language.

          2)      TOT dealer shall maintain in particular, the following records, namely;-

                   a)      the value of the goods produced, manufactured, bought and sold by him;

                   b)      the names and addresses of the dealers from whom goods were purchased, supported by bill or delivery note issued by the seller and duly signed and dated;  

                   c)      the daybook, ledgers and cash-book, bill books and account books which shall be serially numbered for each year and          

                   d)      the sale bills, invoices, delivery notes, credit notes or debit notes and way bills which shall bear a printed serial number and be written in duplicate, triplicate or quadruplicate, as the case may be of which the dealer shall retain one copy thereof. 

          3)      Any dealer who keeps and maintains his accounts under sub-rules (1) and (2), in any language other than English, shall adopt international numerals in the maintenance of such accounts.